Impactful Upgrades that will Pay You Back at Closing

Like most homeowners, you probably want to make a few upgrades to your home before putting it on the market for sale. This is a good idea as long as you keep a level head and don’t go overboard. Take a cue from the neighboring houses around you for guidance. Make upgrades that address issues but won’t make your home worth more than the surrounding properties. For example…

  • Fix plumbing issues – if your home has leaky faucets or clogged pipes, address these issues right away. Doing so will make walk-throughs a breeze as homebuyers will know you take pride in your home. 
  • Regrout – Take time to clean or regrout in the bathroom and kitchen areas. By doing this, you make these spaces look cleaner and brighter. 
  • Seal windows, doors, and vents – This is a great upgrade to make as it gives you something to brag about to buyers. They will appreciate learning about the energy savings you’ve achieved by simply sealing the inside of your home against leaks. Keep old energy bills as proof of your savings. 
  • Re-insulate the attic – This is another upgrade buyers will appreciate as it also adds to the monthly energy savings and it increases the usable storage space within your home. 
  • Repair any electrical problems – buyers are going to try everything when they walk through your home, so make sure everything works. This means you need to replace any non-working lights, outlets, ceiling fans, etc. before putting your house on the market. 
  • Give each room a facelift – fill in nail holes and give each room a fresh coat of paint. Don’t get crazy with the colors as you want the rooms to appeal to everyone. Stick with earthy tones like gray, tan, beige, and white/off-white to create rooms others can see themselves living in. 
  • Fix the doors and locks – Got a door that sticks? Maybe one of the locks on the back door doesn’t function right. Take a few minutes to figure out the issues and fix them. 
  • Address chipped countertops – Countertops that are chipped or stained are a turn-off to most people. Address these issues as best you can. There’s no need to completely replace the countertops as the Internet is full of DIY fixes for such issues. 

Embrace Your Home’s Curb Appeal

When selling your home, you want to make a good first impression. This means the outside of your home must look good at all times. At this point, making huge upgrades like adding a deck or a sprinkler system won’t work in your favor. instead, focus on things like…

  • Fixing broken windowpanes
  • Touching up peeling paint
  • Fixing roofing or gutter issues
  • Caulking around the foundation
  • Getting rid of unsightly junk in the yard
  • Cleaning decks, patios, and fountain areas
  • Grooming the lawn regularly
  • Power washing the driveway and siding, and
  • Planting seasonal flowers

When you decide to sell your home, making major renovations isn’t always a good thing. Instead, focus on fixing known issues and making sure the exterior of your home is up to par. Follow the suggestions listed above to get your home ready for the market.