A Contemporary Twist To Traditional Candles In Home Decor

People have used candles for centuries to light their homes, add ambiance, and add a warming touch. Candlesticks and pillar candles are about as traditional as it gets, but the contemporary twists mentioned below have candle lovers everywhere paying close attention. If you’re one of them, you’ll definitely want to see this!

Contemporary Sculptural Candles

Sculptural candles, often bold and bright in color to highlight their artful designs, are becoming more and more popular in home décor these days. With twisted sticks and geometric pillars, these candles add a contemporary touch to an otherwise traditional décor piece. 

You may light them or prefer not to in order to preserve their form and beauty, but either way, they make great statement pieces no matter which room they’re in. 

This year, trade in those straight and boring candles for twisted, angled ones that not only add warmth and coziness to your space but also some fun and contemporary elegance, too. 

Types Of Sculptural Candles For Your Home

The sky’s the limit in terms of sculptural candles as their shapes and colors range from a simple twist and single color to amazing shapes of spiraled shades. 

For example, the double wick twisted candlestick features a bold colored paraffin wax coating, two wicks, and a twisted base between the two sticks to bring an air of creativity and pizzazz to the traditional candlesticks of yesteryear. 

Larger, neutral pillars make for a great centerpiece on any table as their large and in charge presence demands center stage. Available in warm neutrals like indigo, buff, and nude, they complement any décor. 

Spiraled candlesticks are another option if pops of color are your thing. Meant to stand in a candlestick holder, these modern candles place a fancy twist on an old favorite. 

If pillar candles are more your style, modern geometric octagonal candles are a great addition to the traditional pillar candle display. Designed to bring a slightly different look, these candles are as fascinating as they are beautiful.

If you love decorating with candles, you can bring a contemporary feel to your home by choosing modern options like the ones listed above. Play around with the different types and mix and match to let your personality shine.