Pet-friendly Home Improvement Projects to Consider

Many households across the country include pets. For many of these households, pets are considered members of the family. From feeding these furry family members quality foods to providing soft, comfortable beds to sleep on, pet owners everywhere do what they can to make life better for their pets. 

If your family includes a furry member or two, here are several home improvements you may want to consider that can improve not only your home but also your pet’s quality of life. 

1. A Fenced Backyard

Fencing in your backyard can greatly increase your pet’s life expectancy as well as give your property some security and privacy. If your pet enjoys spending time outdoors, consider fencing in a large area that allows him to run and play. If you put up a wood fence, consider installing windows at his level to give him a wider view of his surroundings. 

2. Doggy Door

Doggy doors are a great way to allow your pet to get in and out of an area without you having to be there. New technology even lets you set a schedule for your furry loved one that allows him to enter and leave at specific times whether you’re there or not. 

3. Built-in Gates

Whether it’s pets or toddlers you want to keep corralled, built-in gates that roll into a door frame are a great home improvement. Functioning much like pocket doors, these gates can be pulled out or pushed in for easy separation that keeps pets and children safe. 

4. Greenhouse Window

If your pet loves laying in the sun, a greenhouse window might be the perfect addition to your home. Designed to bump out from the house, Fido or Fluffy can sun themselves safely inside your home while still enjoying the warmth and the view of the great outdoors. 

5. Heated Floors

Who doesn’t like walking barefoot, right? Everyone in the house will enjoy the comfort of heated floors, especially if you live in a cold-climate part of the country. 

An alternative to heated floors is an electric bed heater designed especially for adding warmth and comfort to your pet’s favorite sleeping spot. 

6. Indoor/Outdoor Ramps

If you have older pets, adding ramps alongside stairs can greatly improve their mobility and safety. Furthermore, installing ramps outside your home can also provide entry for other mobility-challenged family members and friends, too. 

7. Flooring

Pets can be messy, so installing pet-friendly flooring options in living areas is a good idea. Stain-resistant carpeting, scratch-resistant flooring, and other “accident-proof” options not only make your home more pet-friendly, but these flooring options are also attractive to families with young children, too, if you’re planning to sell. 

When you’re a pet owner, you do your best to make your furbaby’s life a happy, comfortable one. If your household includes pets, the upgrades listed above are but a few that will improve their quality of life and potentially increase the value of your home.