Home Library Ideas That Will Foster Your Love of Reading

If you love reading, having a home library or reading nook is the perfect place to start your day or end it relaxing with a good book. Even if your home doesn’t have an extra room you can dedicate to creating your own library, these home library ideas are perfect for creating that special place that fosters your love of reading. 

1. A Library Nook

You don’t need an entire room to create a home library. For example, if you have a landing at the top of the stairs, it can become a cozy reading nook in no time with just a few simple additions. Place a comfy chair in the corner and a floor lamp and table beside it. Now, you’ve got yourself a place to read to your heart’s content. 

2. Living Room Library

Those built-in shelves in the living room are the perfect place to showcase your books and create a small library. Arrange the books by color for an eye-catching display and place a comfortable chair and ottoman nearby, so you can kick your feet up and relax with a good book. 

3. Home Library Feel

Many libraries include a ladder with wheels at the bottom and a track on the ceiling to help it roll effortlessly along a wall of books. You can give your home library an authentic feel by installing one of these ladders in a contrasting color to the wall or matching color for a seamless look. 

4. Vintage Library Shelves

Shop your local thrift stores for vintage shelving to add character and elegance to your home library. 

5. Home Library for the Kiddos

Find a quiet place in your home to carve out a kid-sized library for your children. Place books on low shelves so they are within easy reach and add bean bags, floor pillows, and kid-sized chairs for seating. 

6. Home Office Library

If you have a room dedicated to your home office, you’re in luck! Add a few shelves along one wall, some books, and a comfy chair (not your desk chair) to create the perfect home library in your home office. 

7. Floor-to-Ceiling and Wall-to-Wall Library Shelving

Floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall shelving make for a stunning display in any room of your home. The colorful book bindings are sure to create a fabulous effect all on their own, so go neutral and simple with furnishings and the like to avoid an overly busy look. 

8. Home Library Furniture

Reading is relaxing, so your home library furniture should be as comfortable as possible. A plush recliner or cushy chair with a puffy ottoman are the perfect pieces for your home library. 

9. Home Library Colors

Dark, moody color schemes are ideal in a library setting. Choose shades of gray, dark blue, or hunter green for your home library color scheme and balance the darkness with decorative sconces that add elegance and light where needed.