Dishwashing Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

No one likes washing the dishes, but it’s a chore that has to be done. If you’re among the lucky who has a dishwasher, the task isn’t as bad, but most people agree, there are better things they could be doing. 

Anytime something comes along to make chores easier to do, we welcome them. In this post, we explore several dishwashing hacks you’ll definitely want to remember as they will make your life so much easier. 

1. Clean Out the Dishwasher Filter

It’s crazy the amount of gunk that builds up on the dishwasher filter, and if you’re like most people, you forget about this vital task because it’s not something that’s right in front of your face. Make it a point to clean the filter out from time to time to up the cleaning power of your dishwasher. 

2. Restore Life to Old Pans

Before you throw out that old pan, give it new life by scouring it with baking soda. Simply pour some baking soda into the pan, add a bit of water and wash. You’ll be surprised at how this simple trick freshens up tired old cookware. 

3. Secure Lightweight Items on the Top Shelf

Do lightweight items get thrown around inside your dishwasher? Secure them by placing a wire cooking rack on top of them before turning the dishwasher on. 

4. Sort Your Silverware Before You Wash

For our OCD-inclined readers, this hack will sound like a no-brainer. Sort your silverware as you place it in the dishwasher to save lots of time in the unloading phase.

5. Turn the Hot Water on for a Minute Before Starting the Dishwasher

Turn the hot water tap on and let it run for a minute before starting the dishwasher to save time and money. This small but significant hack brings hot water to the dishwasher instantly, so it doesn’t have to waste time bringing the water to the right temperature itself. 

6. Sanitize Toys

This hack is especially helpful during the cold and flu season. Simply place any toys you wish to sanitize and clean in the top rack and start a regular wash cycle. 

7. Soak Baked-on Dishes Beforehand

Your dishwasher isn’t a miracle worker. Be sure to soak baked-on, caked-on dishes to remove as much of the gunk as possible before placing them in the dishwasher. 

8. Don’t Overload the Dishwasher

We’re all guilty of it: overloading the dishwasher to clean as many dishes as possible in one load. This is an act of futility as many of the dishes come out cloudy and/or still dirty. 

While it may seem like you’re spending more time doing the dishes, try running smaller loads. You’ll find that the dishes come out much cleaner in the long run. 

Not many people will say they enjoy doing the dishes, but with the tips listed above, the task won’t be such a chore.