How To Use Wood Furniture In Modern Décor

Wood furnishings bring character and warmth to any room, but sometimes it can be difficult to incorporate wood furniture into a modern décor scheme. If you’d like to add an old family heirloom to your contemporary home, or you’ve recently found a fabulous vintage piece while thrift store shopping, here’s how to do it and keep the modern vibe going in your home. 

1. Repurpose Wood Furniture

Those old wood pieces don’t have to serve just one purpose. For example, that lovely wood dresser doesn’t have to be a dresser if your bedroom is already fully furnished. Instead, it can serve as dishware storage in the dining room. Think about other ways your wood furniture can be used to enhance the contemporary décor in your home. 

2. Mix Wood Furnishings

Don’t be afraid to mix wood furnishings from different eras to bring an antique look to your space. For instance, a vintage wooden table looks great with mid-century chairs surrounding it. You can continue the look by showcasing dinnerware in an heirloom china cabinet. 

3. Offset Dark Wood Furniture With Saturated Shades

If you have a fabulous dark wood piece of furniture, it might look out of place in a light-colored room. Offset the contrast by embracing moody shades of saturated colors on the walls. As an example, in the bedroom, paint the walls dark charcoal gray to offset deep cherry wood furnishings. Finish the look with white trim to turn the gloominess into a cozy cocoon-like ambiance. 

4. Mix And Match Wood Tones

If you aren’t sure what colors go with wood, try mixing other wood tones and neutral colors for a natural look that’s warm and cozy. Wood tones often have yellow, orange, red, brown, or gray undertones. Choose other wood accents with these same undertones in lighter or darker shades. Pair with neutral colors on the walls for a perfectly finished space. 

5. Combine Wood Furniture With Other Painted Pieces

Dark wood furnishings can be difficult to incorporate, especially if there are several pieces to work with. If you’ve inherited an entire dark wood bedroom set, choose one piece as a focal point, and get rid of the rest. Too many dark furnishings in one room can make the space seem heavy and somber. 

Once you’ve found homes for the other pieces, use metal or other painted accents to enhance the dark wood of your central piece. 

6. Add Pops Of Color

Since contemporary décor is all about pops of color, you can dress up old wood furniture by adding pops of color throughout the space. Here is where you can really let your personality shine by adding accents in your favorite colors. Let the wood’s rich undertones be your guide in choosing accent pieces. 

7. Paint It

If you just can’t make that wood piece work, give it a facelift by painting it to coordinate with your modern motif. Consider using a neutral color that stays with the piece’s original vibe, or try a vibrant color that screams, “Contemporary!” Lastly, change out the old pulls and knobs with new ones to complete the transformation.