Ways To Use Pantone’s Color Picks In And Around Your Home

Ultimate Gray and Illuminating: a gray and yellow color combination that’s sure to brighten up the new year and give hope for better times. 

In the following article, we’ll give several ways you can incorporate this modern color combo inside and outside your home. 

1. Gray And Yellow In Small Doses

If you’re not too sure about this hot new trend in color, try it out in small doses that are easy and cheap to do. Throw pillows, lap blankets, area rugs, etc. are inexpensive to buy but just as effective at making a statement. If you decide you like Pantone’s colors of the year, you can incorporate them in more permanent ways with wall paint or new furnishings. 

2. Modern Colors In The Kitchen

If you’d like to use Ultimate Gray and Illuminating in the kitchen, start by painting the cabinets gray. It’s a nice neutral that pairs with most colors, so it’s easy to switch up if you change your mind. As for the yellow, consider painting the kitchen chairs the sunny color or adding a bright yellow runner across the floor. 

3. Yellow And Gray In The Bedroom

Yellow and gray are warm tones that pair well with other color schemes, so it’s easy to layer them in with additions like pillows, a comforter, or even curtains in a bedroom or living space. 

4. Pantone’s Colors Of The Year In The Bathroom

Bring your bathroom into the modern age with Ultimate Gray on the walls and Illuminating accents throughout. Yellow towels and rugs, as well as yellow accessories on the sink, add just the pops of color this tiny room needs. For an even greater contrast between the two colors, choose a shade of gray that’s just a bit darker. 

5. A Yellow Front Door

Create a warm and inviting vibe by painting your front door a bright, sunny yellow. This is especially lovely when the exterior of your home is a dark gray color. Use white to paint the trim around the door for even greater contrast between the colors. 

6. Bedroom Gray And Yellow

If you’d like a more pronounced gray and yellow décor, try painting large surfaces in your bedroom a soft gray. This creates the perfect backdrop for pops of yellow color in an area rug or a throw across the bed. Add some mirrors – also gray – for added brilliance in the room. 

7. Yellow And Gray On The Deck

If you’d like to bring Pantone’s colors of the year to your outdoor spaces, start with some gray patio furniture and then add yellow accents like pillows and side tables to bring it all together. For a homey feel, add an outdoor area rug in gray and yellow, too.