How to Use a Hairdryer for More than Just Drying Your Hair

Some people use their hairdryers to dry their hair every day. Others, not so much. Sure, it’s handy to have if you need to dry your hair quickly once in a while, but mostly this handheld appliance just sits in a bathroom drawer unused. 

If you own a hairdryer you hardly ever use, you’ll likely want to reconsider after reading this post. Below, we divulge several ways you can use your hairdryer to do more than just dry hair. 

1. Remove Sticky Messes

The heat from your hairdryer is useful in loosening adhesive and melting wax. On it’s hottest setting, point your hairdryer at stickers, labels, bandaids, candle wax, and crayon marks to loosen their grip and make them easy to remove or wipe away. 

2. Household Cleaning

Put your hairdryer on its cool setting and point it at knick-knacks and other hard to clean surfaces to blow away the dust. 

Alternatively, you can also use it to get rid of water rings left behind on wood furniture. Simply point the dryer to blow across the damp surface and the ring should disappear. 

3. Pet Care

Nothing smells worse than a wet dog. When your furbaby comes in out of the rain or snow, use your hairdryer to warm him up and dry him off before he heads back to his favorite napping spot on the couch. 

4. Baby Care

When changing your baby’s diaper, you can help prevent diaper rash by drying his bum with a hairdryer on the cool setting before rediapering. 

5. Stretch Things Out

Do you have a pair of shoes you’d love to wear but they’re a little too tight? No problem! Put on your thickest pair of socks with the shoes, get out your hairdryer and put it on its hottest setting, and point it at the shoes for a couple of minutes. The shoes will stretch and be more comfortable to wear. 

Another handy use for your dryer is fixing ill-fitting sunglasses. On its hottest setting, point the dryer toward the arms of the glasses. After a few seconds, the arms will be pliable enough to bend inward or outward to make them fit better. 

6. Wrinkled Clothing

Don’t you hate it when you pull something out of the drawer to wear it and it’s full of wrinkles? You can remedy this problem with a warm hairdryer. 

Simply spritz the article of clothing with water and then use the dryer to dry the moisture. The wrinkles will easily fall away. 

7. The Kitchen

If you thought your hairdryer was a great tool in the bathroom, just wait until you use it in the kitchen. 

Soften butter – use a warm hairdryer to soften hard butter

Separate frozen meat – separate frozen meat using the warm setting on your hairdryer

Make cakes shiny – give cakes a glossy finish by pointing a warm hairdryer at the frosting until it begins to turn shiny

Dry salt and pepper shakers – dry salt and pepper shakers completely before refilling to prevent clumping

As it turns out, a hairdryer is quite the handy tool to have both in the bathroom and out. Even if you don’t use your dryer to dry your hair, there are still many ways you can put this handheld appliance to good use.