Things Real Estate Agents Say that Signal Warning

You trust your real estate agent to have your best interest at heart. After all, you’ve told her exactly what you’re looking for in a home and you expect she will find it and be totally honest along the way. Sometimes, however, an agent may say something that sets you on edge and makes you think she isn’t the agent for you. When that happens, you may need to make the tough decision to go with another agent. 

Here are several things an agent might say that signal it’s time to find a new agent. 

“I’ll Call You Back.”

When you contact an agent for help in finding your new home, you expect her to be interested immediately. She should begin asking questions and taking notes so she can start finding your dream home. If she tells you she’s busy and will call you back, it could be an indication that she doesn’t have your best interest at heart. It’s probably best to look for another agent. 

“You Really Don’t Need a Home Inspection.”

Regardless of how well you know the agent or the sellers of a home, you should never forgo the home inspection. The home inspection can turn up unseen problems that could end up costing you a lot of money to fix once the home is yours. You have the right to have the home inspected as many times as it takes to satisfy you. 

“That Smell Will Go Away.”

If your agent tells you a particularly bad smell will just “go away,” it’s a sign that she’ll do or say anything to get you to buy the property. It’s not an honest answer, and you should be wary, lest you end up finding a human skeleton buried in your basement after moving in. 

“Don’t Worry About Going Through the Documents.”

You’ve probably heard it from a parent or grandparent – “Never sign anything without reading it first!” Well, a good agent will never ask you to sign a contract without letting you read it first. Be sure to read everything – including the fine print – before signing and find another agent if yours pushes you to sign without giving you time to read the document first. 

“I Have a Home to Show You that’s Slightly Above Your Price Range.”

You gave your agent a specific budget and she should stick to that budget. Showing you homes “slightly above your price range” is a poor real estate tactic that only serves to make buyers feel bad. Or worse, it pushes them to buy more home than they can afford. Your agent should respect your budget and only show you homes that fall below that number. If she keeps showing you homes that are more expensive, she definitely doesn’t have your best interest at heart. 

You should be able to trust your real estate agent to find you the home of your dreams. If she says any of the things listed above, it may be time to find a new agent.