How To Create A Relaxing Vibe On Your Patio With Easy And Fun Decor

These days, people are spending more and more time outdoors, making the patio a prime place to relax and entertain. Whether it’s an evening spent out back with family, friends, or both, the following décor ideas will help you create a relaxing, laid-back vibe on your patio. 

1. Lighting

The lighting in a space always sets the mood. If you’d like to invoke a softer, more romantic atmosphere on your patio, be sure the lighting is interesting and not too bright. 

There is a wealth of DIY chandelier lighting tutorials online. From an eye-catching “chandelier” made from an old wooden ladder and some lanterns to amazing lanterns you find at places like Wayfair, Pottery Barn, West Elm, and World Market, your lighting choices are only limited by your own imagination. 

2. Textiles

Fabrics have a unique way of softening any atmosphere, so consider using them in any way possible to give your patio a relaxing and interesting feel. Throw pillows not only add softness but also a punch of color if you so desire. Another option for bringing textiles into your outdoor space is to hang crisp, fresh curtains across your pergola or canopy for a dramatic effect that doubles as privacy curtains when down. 

3. Water Features

Flowing water has a way of calming the nerves and relaxing the mind. Adding an intriguing, calming water feature to your patio can give the space that much-needed oasis feel you so desire. 

Again, head on over to Google to search for water fountain DIYs or Homemade waterscapes to find tutorials for making a water feature for your patio. 

4. Fire Feature

Fire is another element that can add intrigue and calm to your outdoor space. Whether it’s a large firepit designed for sitting around or a small fire bowl sitting on top of a table, fire adds a fun and hypnotic touch to any space. 

Once again, the Internet is full of firepit and fire bowl tutorials. The easiest ones require only a fire-safe container, some lava rocks, and a Sterno burner. 

 5. Flowers and Plants

We know you’re outside and can probably see many plants and trees from your patio but adding some colorful flowers and lively plants to the patio area itself can really up the enjoyment of the space. Placing fresh or faux flowers around the patio will give the space that pop of color it needs or adding hanging plants from fence posts, pergola beams, etc. will give the space a natural touch that instantly calms the senses. 

6. Flooring

You may think there is little you can do with the concrete slab that’s your patio, but you’d be wrong. For a dramatic and instantly transforming idea, try giving the concrete a fresh coat of paint. You’ll love how it looks!

Alternately, you can score lines into the concrete with a circular saw (think checkerboard) and paint the squares in alternating colors. The outcome is absolutely amazing!

7. Privacy

For a private retreat free of prying neighbor eyes, consider adding privacy screening to your patio. From latticework and curtains to fencing and more, you can make your backyard space as private as you want with just a little creativity and effort.