Turn Your Backyard Into A Sanctuary With These Landscaping Tips

Your backyard is more than just a piece of property you mow once a week in the summer. It can be a private sanctuary of sorts perfect for relaxing and enjoying a warm afternoon in. If this sounds like something you’d like to do, read on to discover several landscaping tips for making your backyard a private oasis.

1. Use Plants to Promote Privacy

When placed strategically, the plants in your backyard can create a barrier from nosey neighbors and prying eyes. Plant tall plants or hedges to create a wall and raise other plants and flowers up to further block the view of outsiders. Use raised beds, hanging planters, etc. to vary the height of some plants. 

2. Make a Secluded Getaway

If making your entire backyard private seems like more work than you can handle, try creating a secluded getaway in just one corner. For example, plant two pine trees several feet apart then hang a hammock between the two to create a secluded spot that feels private and out-of-the-way. Feel free to add other foliage to create a jungle effect to further increase the secluded feeling. 

3. Put Up a Lattice Fence

Lattice fencing is a great way to create privacy in a decorative way. Whether placed vertically or horizontally, you can train climbing vines to grow up and along the cross members to create a natural looking wall between you and the outside world. 

4. Plant in Layers

When most people think privacy, they think blocking a view is the main goal. In a yard with layered plants, however, you can create “pockets” of seclusion that make it feel as if you’re getting away from it all without ever leaving your property. 

5. Plant Hedges

You have a lot of choices when it comes to hedges for your yard. Many plants can be hedges, but it’s important to pick ones that meet your needs best. For example, choose an evergreen hedge that creates a year-round barrier for complete privacy all the time, or choose one that loses its leaves in fall but puts on quite a show in spring with a lovely floral display. 

6. Use Interesting Materials as Fencing

No one says you have to use fencing material to make a fence. Look for interesting things that will work as a fence and give you the privacy you desire. For example, framed plexiglass makes a great privacy barrier because it distorts the view while allowing natural light to still flood in. Don’t be afraid to add architectural elements as well to give your unique fencing materials some character. 

7. Mix and Match

When creating privacy in your backyard, feel free to mix it up a bit. You don’t need to use the same type of barrier throughout. In fact, using different materials and types of privacy methods can give your outdoor space an interesting touch. Use a combination of all the things above to create a unique, relaxing, and private backyard destination you love spending time in.