7 Surprising Uses for Laundry Soap that Doesn’t Involve Doing Laundry

Interesting fact: Laundry detergent isn’t just for cleaning clothes. Turns out this powerful cleaning agent can do more – a whole lot more! 

Check it out – more great ways to use laundry detergent around your home. 

1. Drain Cleaner

If you’ve been keeping your favorite laundry detergent hidden in the laundry room, now’s a good time to bring it out and unleash its versatility as a drain cleaner. 

Before calling a plumber, try this handy hack. Pour a quarter cup of liquid laundry soap down the clogged drain, then follow it up with a pan of boiling water. The hot water combined with the soapy detergent will flush the clog away and leave your drain smelling fresh. 

2. All-Purpose Cleaner

Many professional cleaning services swear by this homemade cleaning solution. Combine 1/3 cup bleach, a teaspoon of powdered laundry detergent, and a gallon of water to create an all-purpose cleaner that’s not only cheaper than most store-bought brands but does a better job than most, too. 

3. Upholstery and Carpet Stain Remover

The same properties that remove stains from clothing also work to remove stains from carpet and upholstery when laundry detergent is your cleaner of choice. 

Just apply some powdered laundry soap to the stain, work it into the fibers a little bit, and let it sit for five minutes or so. When time is up, vacuum up the soap powder and watch the stain disappear. 

4. Car Wash Soap

Laundry detergent works great as a car wash soap to get the outside of your vehicle shiny clean. Use a mild detergent, add just a tablespoon to a bucketful of water, and wash as you normally would. 

5. Floor Cleaner

Just as your laundry soap breaks down grease and grime on your clothing, it’ll also do the same for your floors. Fill a mop bucket with warm water and add a teaspoon of laundry soap. Mop the floor as normal, making sure to wring the mop well of water to avoid leaving streaks. 

6. Oven Rack Cleaner

Got greasy, caked-on oven racks? No problem! Just fill a bathtub or bin with enough water to cover the racks, then add ¾ cup laundry detergent to the water. Submerge the racks in the mixture overnight. In the morning, scrub the racks lightly and rinse clean. 

7. Stain Pre-treater

Who needs a separate product to pre-treat stains when you already have laundry detergent? If you’ve got an organic stain like blood or grass, just add a few drops of laundry soap, rub the clothing together to work it into the stain, and then wash as normal. Works like a charm and saves you money, too!

Who would have thought that laundry detergent could be used for so many other things besides cleaning clothes?