How to Clean Up Your Garage

Perhaps you’ve suddenly got extra time on your hands, or maybe you want to take up knitting again and you’re sure that tote full of yarn and needles is packed in there somewhere. Or perhaps you’re just tired of looking at all the chaos that is your garage and want to get it in order. 

Whatever the reason, cleaning up your garage not only makes it look better, but it makes it a safer, more functional space as well. Check out these tips for cleaning up your garage and keeping it that way. 

1. Wire Shelving, Hooks, and Baskets

Before you can begin making sense of the clutter in your garage, you need to have someplace to organize it all. Consider installing some wire shelving units, hooks, and baskets to separate and organize all your garage essentials. These types of storage solutions are relatively inexpensive, so there’s no excuse not to use them. 

2. Fishing Rod Storage System

Tired of tangled, broken fishing rods? Enter this cheap, but effective, fishing rod storage system. All you need is a length of 3-inch diameter PVC pipe and a foam pool noodle. Drill 1-inch holes four inches apart on the PVC pipe. Attach it to the wall. Use a utility knife to cut slits in the pool noodle four inches apart. Attach the pool noodle to the wall above the PVC pipe and insert your fishing rods into the drilled/cut openings. 

Voila! No more tangled rods!

3. A Dedicated Car Care Cabinet

If you’re a mechanic at heart, being able to find all your car care products and maintenance supplies in one place can be a godsend. Dedicate a cabinet in your garage (or build one if you don’t have one already) to store just your car care and maintenance products and tools so you always know where they are. Just be sure to return them to their rightful place when you’re done with them so you can find them again next time. 

4. Wall Storage

If you’re only hanging hooks and other wall organizing hardware on studs, you’re missing out on valuable storage space in between. To utilize this space, simply attach sheets of plywood between the studs to create more wall space for storage. 

5. Store Seasonal Decorations

If it looks like Christmas all year round in your garage, try utilizing canvas storage bags for things like the Christmas tree, yard decorations, and garland to keep it looking great when not in use. 

Bonus Tip: Toss a dryer sheet in each bag to deter pests during storage. 

6. Garage Ceiling Storage

Another un-utilized storage space in the garage is the ceiling. It’s the perfect place to store bins of seasonal sporting gear and holiday decorations when you install an easy-to-build track system. 

Get yourself some 2 x 2s and a few 1 x 4s. Screw the 2 x 2s to the ceiling first, using a storage bin as a guide for spacing. The lip of the bin should just brush the 2 x 2s on either side. 

Next, screw the 1 x 4s to the 2 x 2s to form a “T.” Your storage bins should slide easily between the 2 x 2s and rest on the 1 x 4s for support.