Veranda And Porch Ideas Designed To Upgrade Your Outdoor Spaces

People are spending more time at home as well as outside in hopes of reducing the spread of the coronavirus. As such, it’s more important than ever that our homes and outdoor spaces be as functional and comfortable as possible. 

Below, we divulge several veranda and covered porch ideas that will help you create an outdoor space you love spending time in. 

1. Pick Comfortable Outdoor Furniture

Just as you do indoors, choose comfortable outdoor furniture that invites you to sit and relax. This is especially crucial if you live in a region that sees comfortable outdoor temps all year long. 

2. Include Art Outside

Art or artsy pieces aren’t just for your indoor living spaces. Don’t be afraid to include your favorite pieces in your outdoor spaces as well. Whether hung on a wall or positioned in the middle of the veranda, art is something to be admired indoors and out. 

3. Use Organic Accents

Organic planters and other accents are a great touch on verandas and covered porches as they extend the natural vibe of the space. 

4. Hang Chandeliers

Lighting is important in any setting, so don’t be shy about hanging a lovely chandelier or pendant light wherever necessary to be functional and beautiful. 

5. Add Greenery

Even though you’re decorating an outdoor space, there’s always room for more greenery on a veranda or covered porch. The only problem with this is making sure you choose plants that thrive in shade and that you are capable of maintaining. 

6. Trim the Hedges

Keeping the hedges and other shrubs trimmed regularly will help keep the space looking great. Don’t let the hedges get too overgrown as it will make your porch look shabby and unkempt. 

7. Use Slip-Proof Flooring

Your veranda’s floor will inevitably get wet. To that end, you should choose a slip-proof flooring option like outdoor tile. Outdoor tile will never be slick, even when wet, which will help prevent slip and fall accidents from occurring. 

When it comes to decorating your veranda or covered porch, there are no hard and fast rules. Hopefully, the tips above will give you a good start in decorating your outdoor space.