Yard Dos and Don’ts to Make Your Property More Attractive

Whether you rent or own your home, taking care of the yard properly can make it look better. If you’re not sure whether it’s your job to do the lawn work or your landlord’s, check your lease. If it turns out that you’re responsible for raking the leaves and mowing the grass, be sure to follow the yard hacks below to keep your property looking great. 

1. Clean It Up

This hack may seem like common sense, but a clean yard is an attractive one. Put kids’ toys away, pick up dog feces, and rake the leaves as needed to keep the yard free of the debris that causes it to look cluttered and unkempt. 

2. Weed It

Excessive weed growth can make any yard look unattractive. If you notice weeds, take an afternoon to get rid of them. While pulling weeds can be hard work, the following hacks may help. 

  • Pour boiling water on unwanted weeds. 
  • Lay newspaper down and cover it with mulch to smother weeds. 
  • Sprinkle salt or baking soda on weeds.

3. Fertilize It

It’s easy to keep a lush, green lawn if you care for it properly. Fertilizing it in the fall and late spring will nourish the grass all year long, so as you put the lawnmower and patio furniture away for the season, remember to fertilize your lawn. In late spring when the grass begins to grow, fertilize it again to prepare it for the hot summer months ahead. Reseed any brown or bare spots as necessary to make your lawn look as good as it can. 

4. Consider Container Gardening

If you rent, container gardening is a great idea since the pots can be moved easily from one place to another should you have to move. Try planting flowers that bloom at different times so you have a constant array of color and fragrance all summer long, and be sure to collect the seeds from your plants for use next year rather than buying new ones. 

5. Mulch It

Mulching your plants and trees is an easy way to keep weeds at bay while helping to retain moisture in the soil. Mulch is relatively inexpensive at any garden center, and it looks great in yards around trees, plants, and gardens. 

6. Add Solar Lights

Solar lights add character to any outdoor space without the added hassle of plugging them in or paying an electric bill. Solar lights are also relatively inexpensive – you can find them just about anywhere gardening supplies are sold – and when placed strategically around your yard they showcase its most important features. Use solar lights around fountains, in the garden, around a deck or porch, etc. to light the way and add charm to your outdoor space. 

Having an attractive yard is easy if you follow the hacks above. If you rent, be sure to check your lease for any rules pertaining to the yard before you start.