6 Ways Interior Design Impacts Our Lives Today

Interior design is important as it helps create a comfortable and pleasing atmosphere inside the home. More than that, though, it also helps achieve the functionality we desire. Interior design, like everything else these days, has been forever changed.

The home office stands at the forefront of today’s home design trends, and since we’re all spending more time at home, changes in texture, color, and smart features are also vital elements in interior design. Let’s explore some of the home design trends that buyers are looking for, what sellers should be doing, and the design trends that are hot these days.

The Home Today

As the number of people working from home continues to climb, so does the need for dedicated office space within the home. These days, closets, under-stair spaces, and any other useable space is being transformed into high-functioning home office settings designed for multiple users at the same time. If you’re selling your home, you’ll want to showcase these areas as potential home office areas, even if you don’t use them as such yourself, as it will give buyers an idea of how a home office setting could work for them in your home. 

Say Hello to Maximalism

Today’s color palette is bold and bright, and whimsical wallpaper is making a comeback.  People are covering everything in wallpaper – from floors to ceilings, wallpaper knows no bounds this year. 

In high demand right now are designs that tickle all the senses. Elements in bold color, texture, scent, and touch are popular – from fluffy rugs and colorful pillows to scented candles, people want things that make them feel good, both physically and mentally. 

Bringing the Outside In

Anything that lends a natural touch lends a comfortable, warm touch to any space, and this is what homeowners are looking for. Wood furnishings, greenery, natural lighting – bringing the outside in – creates a simplified, welcoming vibe. 

Non-existent Window Coverings

Furthering the need for nature inside the home, a design trend that’s happening now is sheer or no window coverings to allow as much natural light to flood the space as possible. 

Soothing Hues

Homebuyers are looking for a soothing, serene atmosphere inside the homes they’re considering buying. Shades of blues help create a calming ambiance that’s conducive to productivity, which is exactly what the doctor ordered for a pandemic-driven society. 

The Smart Home

With so many of us spending so much time at home, there’s an increased need for technology, power, and convenience. As such, high-speed internet access, multiple power outlets, and various smart home devices are a must. 

Adding a wireless sound system to your home is an attractive feature that many homebuyers will appreciate, as it adds convenience and helps reduce stress. 

If you’re selling your home in, be sure to consider the elements listed above as they will ensure your home appeals to the largest number of buyers so it sells quickly.