How To Get The Look Of Marble In Any Room In Your Home

Say the word marble and most people instantly think kitchen and bathroom décor. As beautiful and sophisticated as marble is, many people have a hard time incorporating it into other areas of the home. 

The good news is, however, if you love the look of marble, you absolutely can use it in other rooms in your home besides the bathroom and kitchen. Keep reading to discover several ways you can use the look of marble in any room in your home. 

Marble Dip-Dyed Décor

You don’t need to use actual marble to get the same elegant look. All you need is a kids’ swimming pool, some spray paint, and a few select accessories (vases, knick-knacks, etc.). Add water to the swimming pool deep enough to submerge your objects. Apply several layers of spray paint to the surface of the water, alternating between the colors. Gently dip each object into the water at an angle, turning it slightly to create the marble effect you desire. Once completely submerged, use a stick to remove the surrounding paint and remove the object from the water. Voila! 

Upgrade Your Dining Room Table

If you love the look of a marble tabletop but don’t like the price, you can create the same look by applying a laminate covering to your existing dining table. Formica makes a Watercolor Porcelain Laminate that looks exactly like marble without the marble price. 

A Marble Accent Wall

A marble accent wall adds a touch of elegance to an otherwise plain room. If you’re the DIY type, you can find painting tutorials online that show you how to get the marble effect or you can opt for one of the stylish marble wallpapers instead. 

Marble Wall Art

One of the easiest ways to incorporate marble into any room is by hanging artful pieces on the wall that mimics this lovely stone’s look. You can paint the wall décor yourself or simply frame some marble wallpaper for a quick but stunning marble display anywhere in your home. 

Marble Ceilings

A decorative ceiling can turn any room into a showstopper. Take your room to a whole new level by applying marble wallpaper on the ceiling. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine!

The Softer Side of Marble

Marble’s natural beauty complements other natural textures. In the bedroom, marble-inspired bed linens, pillowcases, and comforters can bring in the marble effect you’re looking for in a much softer, but just as stunning, way.