How To Spruce Up Your Home Without Spending A Lot Of Money

If you’ve recently bought a new home but it’s not quite your style, you may be thinking that it’s time to make it your own. Or, perhaps you’re getting ready to sell your home and would like to give it a fresh, new vibe to help it sell faster. Either way, you may not be in the financial position to make the changes you so desire. 

In the content below, we give you several ways to spruce up your home without breaking the bank. 

1. Get Rid Of Dated Décor

If yours is an older home, it likely has some outdated décor that needs to go. Getting rid of those 90’s country blue ducks or any other décor from decades past will give your home that fresh vibe you’re looking for. 

2. Put Some Elbow Grease Into Getting Rid Of Grime

Take a look at those oft-ignored places like the windowsills and baseboards. Chances are there is a layer of grime just begging to be removed. Start by taking a Magic Eraser to these surfaces to remove the buildup of dust, dirt, and who-knows-what. If that doesn’t do the trick, apply a coat or two of bright white paint to get these surfaces looking clean again. 

3. Paint!

Everything looks better with a fresh coat of light neutral paint on it, so grab that paintbrush and get to work! If you aren’t sure what color to use, consider a light beige, gray, or alabaster white for that clean, fresh vibe that’ll brighten things up in a hurry. 

4. Make An Accent Wall

If all neutral isn’t your style, try adding in an accent wall that showcases your personality. You can use wall stickers/decals or slap on a coat of paint in your favorite shade – either will add pizzazz to the space and make you smile every time you walk into the room.