6 Ways To Give Your Home Office A Makeover

Do you want to take your home office to another level? Maybe the space lacks a certain workspace vibe, or perhaps you simply want to make it a more functional and purposeful place to be. Whatever the reason, you can count on these easy and savvy upgrades to transform your home office into the perfect place to get things done. 

Destress by Adding Plants

Just a single plant on your desktop can lower your stress levels and entice you to keep the area neat and tidy. Adding plants in your home office not only reduces stress but also improves air quality. All in all, having plants around tends to increase productivity and motivation. 

Update the Flooring Underneath

You may have already invested in a sit/stand desk to keep you from sitting too long, but have you thought about the flooring underneath? Anti-fatigue floor mats can make standing for long periods much more comfortable. Further, if you’re looking for a more significant cushion underfoot, consider installing cork flooring, which provides superior support and cushion underneath a standing desk. 

Divide the Room for Superior Focus

If your home office isn’t a separate room all to itself, you can create the impression that it is with room dividers. Room dividers can also help hide clutter or provide a distraction-free backdrop during video meetings. 

If you can’t afford actual room dividers, tall bookshelves or office cubes make great dividers while providing ample room for storing office supplies and equipment. 

Hang Artful Pieces for Inspiration

Personalize your office space with your favorite pieces of artwork hung on the walls or placed strategically near and around you. These pieces will inspire you and make you feel more comfortable while you work. Also, looking at these lovely things will help rejuvenate your eyes after looking at a computer screen all day. 


If your home office wasn’t designated as such in the beginning, it likely lacks proper lighting for completing work tasks comfortably. Don’t worry, though. You can upgrade the lighting in your home office to help you concentrate and be productive all day long. 

Without a doubt, natural lighting is the best type of lighting for getting things done. It naturally motivates and energizes the body. If you don’t have many sources for natural lighting, though, you can purchase the type of lighting you need for your office space. 

For example, warm lighting (casting a yellow glow) is shown to increase creativity. Blue lighting, on the other hand, promotes focus and concentration.

Utilize the Wall Space

Most home offices aren’t big, but you likely have all the space you need if you utilize its wall space right. Install shelves on the walls and use bookshelves and other organizational storage items to keep things neat and tidy without cluttering up the space. 

Many people are working from home these days, which means the home office is more important than ever. Use these easy, helpful tips to upgrade your home office for comfort and productivity.