How To Find The Plants And Gardening Gear You Need

From houseplants to gardening supplies and everything in between, the gardening industry is having a hard time keeping up with the demand. 

This spring, it may be difficult to find the things you need to create the garden you envision, so you’ll need to be strategic when it comes to shopping for supplies. Below, we give you several tips that can help you find the gardening supplies you need in a world where their supply may be limited. 

1. Don’t Put Off Shopping for Supplies

Garden supply centers and independent suppliers have reported that shoppers have begun their spring plant shopping about three weeks earlier than normal. This is creating a shortage of plants in areas where late frost could still be a concern. 

Even if you live in an area that often sees late frost, go ahead and purchase the plants you need and keep them indoors until the danger of frost is gone. 

2. Be Flexible with the Plants You Want

Many people plant the same flowers and vegetables each year, but it may be difficult finding the plants you usually plant this year. When shopping for plants, try to be flexible in your choices. Now is a good time to try something new, especially if you can’t find the plants you usually grow. Rather than look for specific plants, try looking for a certain color palette or type of plant (full sun, shade-loving, etc.), so you won’t be too disappointed if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for. 

3. Get Information from the Staff

If you can’t find a specific plant you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to talk to the staff to find out if they will restock it and when. It’s possible they can put a hold on it and give you a call when it comes in again. 

4. Buy Gardening Supplies When You See Them

In addition to there being a shortage of plants, gardening supplies are also flying off the shelves. Fertilizer, containers, and potting soil are seeing soaring sales, so if you see these items, grab them. They may not be there the next time you visit the store. 

5. Expand Your Horizons

If you strike out at your favorite garden store, check local and independent garden centers for the plants and supplies you need. These smaller and privately-owned stores often carry a selection of unique plants you may not have considered or can often get you specific items that other box stores cannot. 

6. Get Creative with What You Already Have

Take a look at what you already have and think of ways to use and extend them for more plants and supplies this year. For example, this is a good time to divide perennials for more plants later. Consider keeping and drying seeds from your plants to grow again next year. Or, talk to your gardening friends and neighbors to see if they’d be interested in trading plants and seeds for variety in their gardens.