Stair Railing Ideas Sure to Add Flair and Style to Your Home

Your staircase’s railing serves more than just a functional purpose. It’s also a great feature to play up to add style and make a statement in your home. If you’re bored with the same ole, same ole, then check out these staircase railing ideas that are anything but boring!

1. Wood Railings

If you live in an older home, chances are it has plenty of stylish woodwork throughout. The woodwork in and around a staircase is a feature not accented enough in many of today’s older homes. 

Stained rather than painted, a wooden staircase depicts all the natural characteristics that make it such a beautiful work of art. A dark stain against light-colored painted or wallpapered walls brings the old wood charm into the modern era. 

2. A Painted Staircase Railing

If color is more your thing, don’t be afraid to add the colorful pop you seek by painting your staircase railing. A nice contrasting but powerful statement in any home is black and white. A black railing and newel post set atop white balusters, risers, and stringer make the perfect combination for a fresh, clean look. 

Allowing the natural hardwood to show through on the stair treads while protecting the stairs with a staircase runner that shows off your personality brings it all together. 

3. A Simple Staircase Railing

Sometimes simple is better, especially when other features in the home take center stage. If your home features intricate trim work or wall features, the staircase doesn’t need to be spectacular. Instead, it needs to fade into the backdrop so the other features can shine. A simple, white, minimalist railing is perfect in such a setting. 

4. A Curved Railing

If your staircase curves ever-so-gently up to the second floor, accentuate that curve by adding a curved railing. A curved staircase railing adds a feeling of grandeur to the stairs, which always makes a statement. 

To up the design of a curved railing, choose one that features a beautiful wood railing atop cool black iron balusters. Paint the risers a lovely shade of gray and add a matching runner to complete the look. 

5. A Traditional Staircase Railing

If traditional is more your style, play up your staircase with rich stained wood tones against a simple white paint for a modern and fresh feel. Darkly stained railing, newel post, and treads look fabulous against bright white balusters and the surrounding walls. The stark difference in the tones allows the entire look to shine. 

6. Modern Staircase Railing

For homes with a contemporary motif, a black metal stair railing fit nicely. Instead of the traditional vertical lines of balusters, this railing features horizontal lines that climb diagonally with the stairs. When paired with blonde treads and white risers, this staircase adds a contemporary flair that coordinates nicely in many different settings. Add touches of black and white throughout the adjoining space to tie it all together.