How To Keep Your Kids’ Room Neat And Organized

Kids’ rooms are notoriously messy. And what’s worse is that mess tends to spill out into the rest of the house with toys of all kinds finding their way into every room. If the chaos of your kids’ room drives you crazy, the following organizational tips are for you. Follow them closely to keep your kids’ room neat and organized all (most) of the time. 

1. Baskets, Baskets, Baskets!

Buy baskets and buy lots of them. Implementing a basket system in your kids’ room will help them know where everything is and they will want to use it so they do. 

You may have to supervise clean up the first few days after starting the basket system, but it won’t take long for your kids to get the hang of it and be happy to use it. 

2. Designate A Space For Everything

Even the tiniest of toys need a place to be, so make sure there’s a basket for every type of toy. For those random toys that don’t seem to fit anywhere, designate a small basket as “miscellaneous.” Make sure this basket isn’t too large or it will become a catch-all for all kinds of things. 

3. Install Shelves In The Closet

For bigger toys and things that don’t really go in a basket, shelves installed in the closet make a good home. An added advantage to closet shelving is that you can shut the door and not have to look at their contents if you so desire. 

4. Make The Room Personal

If your child has a say in how their room is decorated and organized, he will be more likely to keep it clean and neat. For example, if your child loves to draw, make sure there’s a designated art space for it. This will keep the art supplies out of the rest of the house, and your child will be more apt to keep the space neat so he can use it easily. 

5. Make It Easy To Organize

The easier it is for kids to clean their room, the more likely they are to do it. This is why the basket system is perfect. It allows kids to throw their things in a basket without any effort. Of course, you may still have to remind them to pick up their toys, but if it’s easy to do so, they won’t complain about it. 

6. Make Cleaning A Habit

If you encourage your kids to clean up after themselves every day, their room won’t get out of hand, and it’ll be easier to keep the space neat. Whether it’s part of their morning routine or something they do at the end of the day, be sure your kids organize their room each day. 

A chaotic kids’ room can drive a parent crazy, but if you implement the suggestions above, you and your kids can keep their room neat and organized on a daily basis.