Easy-to-Advanced Home Improvement Project to Enhance Your Home

Got a little extra time on your hands? Now might be the perfect time to get that home improvement project you’ve been meaning to do done. Whether you’re tackling your first home improvement DIY or your 12th, it can be challenging finding enough time to get it all done. With the projects listed below, however, you’ll be able to give your home a fresh, new look quickly, and you won’t even need to be a pro to know how to do them right. 

1. Replace a Faucet

No plumbing skills are required for this project, but the result is dramatic. All you have to do is remember to turn the water off before beginning and you’ll have a beautiful new faucet in no time. This is a great project to include older children as they can help hand you tools or tighten nuts. 

2. Change the Light Fixture

You can really enhance or change the look and feel of a room simply by swapping out an old light fixture for a new one. And, if you can handle replacing a light fixture, you can handle switching out a regular on/off switch for a dimmer switch, too. 

3. Build a Fire Pit

There are a plethora of fire pit tutorials online, so all you have to do is find one you like and get to building. You can enlist the help of your kids for this one as there will be digging, and what kid doesn’t like digging?

An advantage of building a fire pit in your backyard is that it may increase your home’s value as homebuyers appreciate this simple upgrade. 

4. Make Your Home a Smart Home

You can increase your home’s value and make life more convenient by adding smart technology inside and out. From smart doorbells that allow you to see who’s at the door from your phone to smart locks, smart lighting, and smart home security systems, you can connect and protect your home from anywhere you roam. 

5. Do a Cabinet Overhaul

You can give your kitchen a facelift without major remodeling by simply giving your cabinets a new look. For an easy, quick upgrade, replace the old door and drawer pulls with something modern. For a more dramatic change, sand and refinish the cabinets in addition to changing out the pulls. 

6. Build a Garden Shed

Whether you need additional storage space, or you’d like a private space to call your own, building a garden shed out back can increase your home’s value by almost 4 percent. Home improvement stores carry garden shed kits, or you can go online and find plans to build one from scratch. Either way, it’s a great project with lots of potential. 

If you find yourself with some extra time on your hands these days, why not take the time to tackle a home improvement project or two? Take a look at the list above and choose a project that’s suited to your skill level and get to work!