Hi-tech home features buyers love

If you’re in the market to sell your home or you simply want to upgrade it a little bit, consider implementing some of technology’s latest advances. Just as your cell phone and computer are getting smarter and smarter, so should your home. 

The future is now and with the expansion of the Internet, homeowners have a lot of options in regard to virtual upgrades. Today’s smart homes can be controlled by mobile devices to be more secure and convenient than ever before. 

Let’s take a look at some of the features that appeal to buyers the most. 

1. Smart Security Systems

Topping the list of home features that appeal to buyers the most is smart security systems. The advanced security alarms of today do more than just protect your home. Connecting wirelessly, these systems send notifications to your smartphone of activity happening in your home, as well as connect to security cameras in and around your property so you can monitor your home even while you’re away. 

2. Smart Smoke Alarms

Another popular feature buyers like to see in homes is smart smoke detectors. Designed to tell the difference between fast-burning and slow-burning flames, these alarms warn users sooner, so fires can be extinguished before they cause extensive damage. These alarms connect to most smart devices and can even be silenced when smoke is the result of a simple burned dinner. 

3. Smart Thermostats

Of the smartest of our smart devices is the smart thermostat. Designed to detect the presence of people in a room, these devices adjust the temperature accordingly. When no one is in the room, the temperature returns to an efficient level that saves money. Smart thermostats are great for households that remain empty for extended periods as they can be set to come on and go off at specific times so the temperature in the home is just right when you return. 

4. Smart Lighting

Smart home lighting is a high-demand feature that buyers love. Controlled using a smartphone app, it’s easy to turn lights on and off, even when you’re miles away. Not only does this save money on your electric bill, it helps you feel safer returning to a well-lit home.

5. Smart Garage Doors

Gone are the days of worrying whether you remembered to shut the garage door or not. With smart garage door openers installed, you’ll receive notifications when you leave the door open, and you’ll be able to close it simply by entering a code into a corresponding smartphone app. 

6. Home Automation Systems

While each of the systems above is attractive to home buyers, homes that include full automation systems appeal more. Designed to control every electrical system in a household, these automation systems can make life much more convenient and entertaining. 

For example, if you’re in the mood to watch a movie, you can roll down the projector, adjust the lighting, and even set an ambient temperature that’s just right for taking in a flick all with a simple touch of a button on your smartphone. 

The next time you’re thinking about updating or selling your home, consider some of the many hi-tech options that appeal to potential buyers. Not only will you enjoy the convenience of these smart devices, you’ll also be able to raise the purchase price of your home because of them.