6 Plants That Are Perfect For Container Gardening On Your Balcony

Whether you’ve got a sprawling rooftop oasis or a tiny balcony that barely fits two people, you can make the space more inviting by adding plants. Our plant suggestions below are perfect for container gardening and will thrive in the hotter, windier conditions that most elevated balconies have. 

1. Balcony Plants: Privacy

If you’re looking to create a little privacy on your balcony, the Golden Bamboo is a great choice. Growing to heights of 8-20 feet tall, this perennial will spread if not kept contained. Plant it in a terra cotta or wood container in full sun to partial shade. 

2. Balcony Plants: Dry/Drought-Ridden Areas

Succulents are ideal balcony plants in warm climates because they can withstand heat and drought. The key to having thriving succulents is to not overwater them. They only need water when the soil is dry. There is a wide range of succulents to choose from, with different types growing anywhere from less than 6 inches up to 3 feet tall. 

3. Balcony Plants: Hummingbird Attractants

If you want to enjoy a beautiful plant as well as the wildlife it attracts, hang a few Fuchsia plants on your balcony. Hummingbirds are attracted to this lovely pink and purple plant, making them a sight to behold. 

Fuchsia plants like full to partial shade and they need well-draining soil to grow anywhere from 1-3 feet tall. 

4. Balcony Plants: Herb

Many herb plants thrive on balconies, but lavender is, by far, the most beautiful. Featuring tiny purple to white flowers, this plant gives off a wonderful scent and is heat, wind, and drought-resistant. Plant lavender in containers placed in full sun to grow plants 1-3 feet tall.

5. Balcony Plants: Fragrance

If you’re looking to grow plants that tantalize the nose as much as the eyes, you’ll want to plant gardenias on your balcony. Gardenias top the list in terms of fragrance as few plants can compare. Unfortunately, gardenia flowers are often short-lived as they attract pests and are prone to root rot. 

Even if your gardenia only sticks around for a little while, the scent is worth it!

6. Balcony Plants: Trailing

Verbena is a good choice in balcony plants as it creates an eye-catching display that flows out and over the sides of its container. Verbena flowers come in a variety of colors including white, pink, purple, red, blue, and bi-colored. 

To get the most out of this trailing plant, plant it in window boxes placed atop the railing so the flowers can cascade over the side of your balcony. You’ll want to make sure your verbena is getting plenty of airflow around it, though, as it’s prone to mildew. Avoid getting its leaves wet when watering to further avoid this problem. 

Whether you have a small balcony outside your residence or a sprawling rooftop garden, the plants mentioned above will thrive there and make this outdoor space more inviting.