How To Successfully Embrace The Maximalist Style

With many of us staying home more these days, it’s no surprise that some people desire a more exciting atmosphere that incites positivity. Maximalism is a design technique that involves decorating with patterns, textures, and bright colors to create a bold and exciting room décor. If you’re looking to up the ante in a room in your home, here are several tips to help you embrace maximalism without complicating your space. 

1. Choose a Color Palette that Complements 

As you plan your maximalist décor, choose a cohesive color palette that suits the mood you want to achieve. For a warming atmosphere, try reds, oranges, and yellow. If you want to set a cooler tone, blues, grays, and whites are perfect. Avoid cluttering surfaces with “stuff,” but keep in mind that things strategically placed and color-coordinated look great on display. 

2. Choose Patterns According to Scale

If patterns are your thing, be sure to choose ones that don’t compete. The scale is important when choosing more than one pattern in a room. If the scale of a floral is the same as the scale of an animal print, they will likely play nicely together in a single space. 

3. Go Bold or Go Home

Maximalism is all about being bold, so be bold from the start. If bright colors are your thing, don’t limit it to just one accent wall. Paint the entire room that color and allow some time for your eyes to adjust and your brain to accept it before you decide it’s not for you. 

Also, if you’re using wallpaper or some other texture, make it a stunning backdrop for the rest of the room by building the décor for the space around it. 

4. Group Your Favorite Items

Maximalism is all about more, so if something catches your eye, buy three or four of them to group as a display in your room. For example, place three vases in a group on the coffee table or strategically place multiple leather-bound books together for a dramatic effect. There’s something very calming and interesting about multiples of something placed where they can easily be seen.

5. Fill One Wall with Artwork

One of the most effective maximalist décor moves is hanging multiple pieces of artwork on a single wall to create a stunning display. It’s almost like visiting an art gallery or museum in that there are many pieces to look at all at once, If you create your own artwork, this is a great way to showcase it for all your friends and family to see when they come to visit. 

Maximalism is all about going big, so don’t be afraid to run with something bold and exciting in your décor if that’s what suits you best. If you follow the tips above you can embrace the maximalist design trend without complicating the look.