How To Breathe New Life into Your Space

If you’ve been spending a lot of time at home thanks to the pandemic, you may be looking for ways to transform your space into a more relaxing and inviting one. To that end, we’ve put together a few helpful tips designed to refresh and rejuvenate your space. 

1. Let the Light Shine In

Natural light has a way of making any space feel warmer and happier. Instead of flipping the switch to turn on the lights in the morning, pull the curtains back and let the light shine in. Not only will your home seem brighter, but it’ll likely save a few bucks on your energy bill each month, too. 

If you don’t have many natural light sources in your home, hang some mirrors around the house to reflect the light that does come in. Mirrors instantly make any space feel bigger and brighter. 

2. Lighten Up Your Furniture

Light-colored furniture can make your living room look and feel clean and fresh. Not sure about committing to light-colored furniture? Invest in some slipcovers that you can put on and take off as the mood strikes you. 

3. Let Nature Be Your Guide

Nature is a great guide when it comes to creating a fresh, new vibe in your home. Choose natural fabrics and elements such as wicker, woven baskets, cotton, wood grain, etc. to invoke an airy and light feel. 

If your home décor is typically dark and heavy, switching out warm blankets and other “wintery” décor for more natural, lighter elements can really make a difference in the way your home feels. 

4. Embrace Pops of Color

Bold colors like pink, orange, yellow, and neons may be outside your comfort zone, but they sure can give any room that rejuvenating touch it needs. 

If you’re looking for an easy way to give your home a fresh look, try adding some peachy throw pillows, summery green candles, or periwinkle decorative bowls around the house. 

5. Bring the Outdoor In

Plants and flowers have a way of adding natural beauty as well as clean air to breathe. Bringing the outdoors in can revive a boring room and breathe new life into it. 

If you’re not a plant person or you tend to kill them, look for ones that don’t require much care at all. Alternately, you can make it a habit of adding fresh-cut flowers to your décor every week. 

From adding pops of color to adding natural elements in your home, you can turn it into a bright, refreshing space.