How to Prepare a Garden to Grow Beautiful Flowers

If you’re one of those people with more good intentions than green thumbs, don’t worry. You, too, can enjoy the colors and scents of a beautiful flower garden if you follow a few key steps. So, grab your trusty shovel, put on those gardening gloves and find the perfect spot. We’re going to show you how to prepare a beautiful flower bed.

1. The Right Start

A beautiful flower bed starts with a clean slate. Remove all the rocks, weeds, and roots so your flowers won’t have any competition. Consider the spot you’ve chosen. Does it get enough sunlight? What about water – does rain collect there, or does it drain away nicely?

Fixing these things or choosing another location for your flower bed is a lot easier now than after you’ve planted the flowers and laid the mulch.

2. Seeds or Nursery Plants?

You have two options when it comes to planting flowers in your garden. You can start your flowers from seed, or you can buy nursery grown plants to sow in your garden.

If you choose to plant seeds, you’ll want to start them in trays indoors. They are ready to plant in your flower bed once they have sturdy stems and the threat of frost has passed.

Nursery plants should be planted in your garden as soon as possible after getting them home. They need to stay moist, so they don’t suffer too much trauma when planted.

3. Edging

Maintaining a distinct edge around your flower bed not only looks great, but it makes mowing easier. Plastic borders deteriorate quickly, so opt for something more durable and natural looking such as stones or brick. Dig a shallow trench around the flower bed and maintain it throughout the season to ensure division between the bed and the lawn.

4. What to Plant

Annuals are flowers that do not regrow from season to season. Perennials, on the other hand, are planted once and then regrow year after year. Many flower gardens contain a combination of both to ensure beauty and variety throughout. You can even plant ornamental grasses or evergreen shrubs to give your bed year-round interest and structure.

5. Mulching

Mulch is important because it keeps plants moist and helps keep weeds at bay. As helpful as it is, however, it can also be the death of your flowers if not applied correctly.

You only need about one inch of mulch in your flower bed. The key to proper mulching is to make sure it doesn’t touch the base/stems of the flowers. Piling mulch too closely around your plants will cause them to rot quickly and all you’ll be left with is a bed full of mulch.

You don’t need a green thumb to have a beautiful flower bed as long as you follow the helpful tips listed above. Visit your local garden center and pick out your favorite flowers and get to work!