Yard-sprucing hacks to improve your home’s appeal

Whether you own or rent, year-round yard maintenance is important to keep costs low and minimize the amount of work necessary each spring. 

If you rent and you’re not sure lawn maintenance is your responsibility, consult your lease or check with your landlord. Most landlords will take care of things like cleaning gutters or trimming trees but chores like mowing grass and raking leaves typically fall to the tenant. It’s also very important you know what kind of work you have permission to do to the property. 

If it’s your responsibility to keep up the yard on your property, the following hacks will make the job much easier and make your property more appealing. 

Hack #1 – Yard Clean Up

This is probably the easiest and cheapest way to make your yard look better. Scan the property and look for things that seem out of place. Remove dead leaves from rock beds, pick up the kids’ toys, and scoop up dog feces regularly. Anything you can do to keep the yard tidy will make it a more inviting place to be. 

Hack #2 – Tackle Those Weeds

Weeds make any yard look unkempt, so take some time to get rid of them. Here are a couple hacks that are easier than pulling those pesky plants. Boiling water – pour boiling water over weeds to kill them. It might take a few applications, but eventually, they will die off. Salt – Pour salt or baking soda on weeds. Both make the ground uninhabitable for plants, so be careful if spreading around plants you want to keep. This method works well to remove weeds from cracks in driveways and sidewalks. 

Hack #3 – TLC For The Grass

A lush, well-manicured lawn always makes a property more visually appealing. Aside from mowing the lawn regularly, be sure to fertilize it in the fall and then again in late spring. Also, water the lawn as necessary, especially during those hot, dry months of summer. 

Hack #4 – Container Gardening

If you rent, container gardening is a great way to grow the plants and flowers you love without implementing anything permanent. Even if you own your property, container gardening is a lovely addition to the yard. 

You can literally plant just about anything in a container. From small pots on a deck to large beds made of 2 X 4s, vegetable plants and flowers of all kinds grow well in this manner. 

Hack #5 – Solar Lights

Even if you don’t spend time outdoors at night, solar lights add a nice touch to your yard for others to enjoy. Designed more for visual appeal than function, solar lights can be placed just about anywhere. 

Many people like to line flower beds and sidewalks with them, while others use them to light pathways through a garden. The good thing about solar lights is there are virtually hundreds of styles to choose from, and you can be as creative as you want to be with them.

You don’t have to be a professional gardener to keep your lawn looking great. With just a few tweaks using the hacks above, anyone can maintain a visually appealing yard quite cheaply and easily.