5 Reasons Synthetic Turf Is Better Than Natural Grass

As a homeowner, you want your yard to look as nice as possible, which often requires a great amount of work. One alternative to natural grass is synthetic turf. There are several good reasons for choosing synthetic turf over natural grass, and you’ll find them below. 

1. Synthetic Turf is Durable and Long-Lasting

Synthetic turf is a long-lasting, durable alternative to natural grass. Thanks to advancements in turf technology, synthetic turf can last for as many as 15 years or more with proper maintenance, which is relatively easy to do. 

To keep synthetic turf looking great, all you need to do is sweep it off to remove debris and use a hose on it from time to time to remove stubborn stains. Synthetic turf retains its beauty for a long time with minimal effort. 

2. Synthetic Turf is Suitable for Any Climate

Synthetic turf can be installed in any climate, hot or cold. In parts of the world where heat and drought cause natural grass to die, turf can keep your lawn looking fresh and lush. In areas where snow covers the ground part of the year, synthetic turf keeps your lawn green despite the freezing temperatures. 

3. Synthetic Turf is Versatile

You can install synthetic turf almost anywhere – even indoors. Many people use it in walkways, around pools, on putting greens, under kids’ play equipment, and more. 

4. Synthetic Turf is Less Expensive than Natural Grass

While it may seem expensive installing synthetic turf in the beginning, over time, it pays for itself and then some. With synthetic turf, you won’t have to put gas in your lawnmower, purchase expensive chemicals to kill weeds and fertilize your lawn, or spend countless hours mowing the grass on hot summer days. 

5. Synthetic Turf is Eco-Friendly

Many people are concerned about the impact caring for natural grass has on the environment. From needing a constant water source to using gas to mow it and chemicals to care for it, maintaining natural grass leaves a big carbon footprint. 

Because synthetic turf requires none of that, and many manufacturers make it out of recycled plastic or old tires, it’s a very eco-friendly alternative to natural grass. 

If you think synthetic turf might be a good choice for your home, consult a synthetic turf specialist for more information.