Gift Ideas Your Old Home’s New Owners Will Appreciate

Buying and moving into a new home is exciting and emotional. Your old home’s new owners are looking forward to their lives in the home you’ve loved and lived in for so many years. You can welcome them into their new abode by leaving a thoughtful gift behind. Below, we give a few ideas they’re sure to appreciate and love. 

1. Mailing Labels and Stationery 

Everyone loves things that are personalized, and personalized mailing labels and stationery will be happily received. Leave a supply of mailing labels and stationery personalized with the new owners’ names and address along with a heartfelt note welcoming them into their new home. 

2. Personalized Keyrings

Another personalized gift that the new owners are sure to love and use is personalized keyrings. You can choose to have them personalized with the first letter of their last name, the date they closed on the home, or some little sentiment that marks the occasion. Again, be sure to leave a short note that warmly welcomes them to this new chapter in their lives. 

3. A Welcome Mat

Welcome mats aren’t usually at the top of a new homeowner’s “to buy” list, but it’ll be a welcomed gift, nonetheless. You can go one step further with this gift and have it monogrammed with their last name to really make the place you called home for so long feel like home to the new owners. 

4. Practical Gifts

If buying the new owners something personalized just doesn’t suit your style, you can give practical gifts that help them get organized and comfortable in their new surroundings. For instance, you can supply the new occupants of your old home with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, unpacking supplies, or even drawer organizers to make their lives easier. Gifting these practical items not only shows you care, but it provides things the new homeowners will need right away upon moving in. 

5. A Guide to the Community

Moving to a new community can be overwhelming, but you can help the new owners of your old home get acquainted with the surrounding neighborhood by providing a guide of sorts. Write down all your favorite places – restaurants, gyms, etc. – and leave tips about the area you’ve learned over the years. This guide will come in handy when the new owners finally get a chance to explore their new community. 

Any of these gift ideas are generous and kind. They are a great way to welcome the new owners of your old home into their new home and new community.