5 Clever Ways to Hide Your Dishwasher

1. A Fake Marble or Granite Top

You can help your dishwasher blend in seamlessly by replacing its cutting board top with a granite or marble one to match your countertops. The only challenge here is getting the existing counters and your dishwasher top the same size and height. 

2. Cover it in Contact Paper

If your other appliances are stainless steel, but your dishwasher isn’t, you can make it appear as if it is by applying a sheet of matching contact paper. This is also a great way to hide the appliance and make it look like part of the surrounding cabinets – this is if you can find contact paper to match your cabinets. 

3. Cover it with a Cabinet Panel

If you’d rather not be able to see your dishwasher at all, camouflage it behind a matching cabinet panel. This low-cost option is an easy way to match your dishwasher to its surroundings, and the panels come in a variety of colors and styles, so you’re sure to find one that works.  

4. Install the Dishwasher Strategically

If you have an island in your kitchen, it is the ideal place to house a dishwasher. Unlike the other cabinets in your kitchen that face you when you walk in, the island has many sides, making it less conspicuous. As an added bonus, the island tends to collect mountains of dirty dishes, so it’s easier to clean them up with the dishwasher directly below. 

5. Paint it

You can pick up appliance paint fairly cheaply at the hardware store. This is the most cost-effective way to make your dishwasher match the surrounding décor, and the best part is you can simply give the appliance a new coat of paint if you get bored with it or change your kitchen décor. 

A dishwasher is an important appliance in the kitchen, but it’s not exactly the most attractive one. To hide an unsightly dishwasher so that it matches your kitchen décor, consider using one of the tips listed above.