The Perfect Plants and Flowers for a Beautiful Patio Oasis

Now more than ever, spending time outdoors is something many people enjoy. Whether it’s sipping your morning coffee or enjoying an outdoor lunch, the patio is quickly becoming a favorite spot for many people. 

If you enjoy spending time on your patio, why not spruce up the space a little with some beautiful plants and flowers? Not sure what varieties grow best? Take a look at the tips and suggestions below for inspiration. 

Choosing the Right Plants and Flowers for Your Patio

To make sure you’re choosing the right plants for your patio space, the first thing you need to do is consider the amount and type of sunlight the area receives each day. Does it get morning sun only? Perhaps it gets full sun in the afternoon. Maybe it receives little sun at all. Whatever the case, the plants you choose need to be suited for the conditions. Be sure to read the labels of each plant to determine if your patio presents the right conditions for the plant to thrive. 

Below, we make a few recommendations for plants and flowers that add a nice touch to any patio oasis. 

Our Favorite Patio Plants

Whether planted in containers, window boxes or planted in the ground, the following plants and flowers are some of our favorites for a patio setting. 

1. Mandevilla

Growing best in full sun, the Mandevilla is a viney plant that grows best in full sun. Planting this beauty in a large container with a trellis is best as it needs to come inside once nighttime temps drop below 50 degrees. 

2. Marigolds

If you’re looking for a beautiful flowering plant that requires little effort on your part, the Marigold is it. This popular annual comes in a variety of bright colors and thrives in full sun. Plant them in containers or in the ground and they will continue to flower until the first hard freeze. 

3. Lavender

For a flowering plant that’s not only beautiful but also beautifully scented, you can’t go wrong with lavender. With lovely purple spikes and silvery leaves, this plant looks great as an edging, and it will come back year after year. 

4. Fuchsia

If your patio is in the shade, Fuchsia is a great choice as it loves the shade and attracts hummingbirds like nobody’s business. This delicate flower comes in shades of purple, pink, and red and is best bought at a local nursery rather than germinated from seed due to its delicate nature. 

5. Lobelia

Lobelia, in shades of blue, white, and purple, grows best in shade, although it will tolerate some morning sun. It likes cooler weather, so if the heat of summer has it looking a bit ragged, simply trim it back and watch it rebound in fall. Plant Lobelia in containers for best results. 

The patio is a great place to enjoy the outdoors, and with the addition of these lovely plants, it can be a beautiful oasis to spend time in.