Trending Bathroom Colors

The dawning of a new year gives us an excuse for new beginnings, making it a great time to give your bathroom a new and exciting facelift. It’s a great time to give that bathroom a fresh, new look. Below, we discuss five of the trending bathroom colors you’ll see throughout the year.

1. Light Blue

Blue is a common bathroom color, but 2021 ushers in the calming, relaxing shade of light or pale blue. For a modern twist to this old favorite, choose a light blue with a hint of gray in it. Or, for that spa-like feel try something that mimics the blues of the ocean but keep the shade light and soft. 

2. Rich Green

For a bathroom that makes a statement in 2021, try introducing natural shades of green into your bathroom. From dark and moody shades to rich and deep hues, green is an elegant color that won’t go out of style any time soon. 

3. Neutrals

You can never go wrong by mixing warm neutrals with other bathroom colors and textures. Off-whites with undertones of gray, pink, or tan add just the right touch that gets you going in the mornings. 

4. Earth-Tone Yellows

If you always thought yellow too bright for the bathroom, think again. 2021 brings with it earthy yellow tones for the bathroom. When paired with natural accents such as bamboo floor mats and wooden shower brushes, the look is natural and subdued. 

5. White

Another classic color for the bathroom, chalk-white creates a crisp, clean, calming vibe when used throughout the space. If the all-white brightness is too much, you can break it up by using a colored grout, such as light gray, between the tiles. Alternately, soft gray accents also reduce the sterileness of the white without taking away from it. 

These days, the bathroom is more than just a quick in-and-out room. It’s a space that many people go to for relaxation, so try implementing the colors above into your bathroom for the spa or salon feel you desire.