What You Should Know When Investing in Sustainable Housing

Sustainable housing is any dwelling or complex that is designed, built, maintained, and/or operated using eco-friendly and energy-efficient practices. As such, sustainable housing solutions cut down on running costs and increase the value of an investment property. Here are a few tips that will help if you decide to invest in sustainable housing. 

Insulate to Reduce Costs

Insulating your home will greatly reduce the energy needed to heat and/or cool the premises. If you use recyclable materials such as newspapers, sheep wool, or cotton to insulate with, you further your home’s sustainability. 

Embrace Renewable Energy

If you use renewable energy sources to power your home, you decrease your dependency on the main grid and reduce your carbon footprint. Solar panels and wind turbines are great additions to your home as they provide it with plenty of power and even provide extra at times that you can sell back to the main grid for a profit. 

Use Sustainable Building Materials

Sustainable building materials are any that can be recycled or reused in the building of your investment property. Recycled insulation, waste wood, and eco-stones made from recycled plastic are all sustainable building materials that improve your property’s eco-friendliness. 

Your Borrowing Power when Investing in Sustainable Housing

When you build sustainable housing, you’ll need funding from a lender. The more sustainable your property, the more a lender will be willing to give you and the better terms you’ll receive. Being able to sell power back to the grid is a huge advantage as it lets the lender know your operating costs will be less than those of a non-sustainable home. 

The Design and Location of Your Home

If sustainability is the goal, you’ll want to hire an architect and/or designer that has experience in building sustainable homes. From situating your home to utilize shady areas to minimize energy usage to implementing sustainable plumbing that reduces water waste, the location and design of your property play a big role in its sustainability. 

Sustainability is an ongoing concept that depends on the ever-changing nature of the planet. As such, sustainable practices need to fit the area in which your home is built. By consulting an architect with such experience, you can make your investment property more energy-efficient and eco-friendly by implementing sustainable housing practices.