Easy Home Improvements That Will Attract Renters

As a new owner of a rental property, you’re likely discovering that finding tenants isn’t as easy as placing an ad and choosing from the dozens who answer it. Finding good tenants is hard. There are a lot of other rental properties out there, and competition is fierce!

That said, you must make your rental more appealing than the competition’s rentals. If your rental property is in poor repair, you already know you need to make the necessary repairs, so people want to live in it. If your rental is in good shape, try making the following improvements to make it more attractive. 

1. Up The Curb Appeal

Improving the outside of your rental property will help attract potential renters. Look at the outside of your rental through the eyes of a potential renter and figure out what changes to make to make it more attractive. Some tips to up the curb appeal include:

  • Keeping the grass mowed
  • Edging the driveway and sidewalks
  • Planting flowers along the walkways and in front of the house

2. Stage The Home

An interior designer you probably aren’t, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stage your rental just the same. Here’s how!

  • Get rid of clutter
  • Remove personal items to help potential renters see themselves and their belongings in your rental
  • Pack away family portraits and the like to make the rental a “blank slate.”
  • Take out bulky/extra furniture that might be making the space seem cramped.

3. Paint The Walls

A fresh coat of paint on the walls can make any home seem fresh and clean. Choose a light, neutral color like a tan for the walls and some shade of white (except brilliant white) for the trim. This color combination will be bland enough for a tenant to make her own while being colorful enough to not be boring. 

4. Do the Floors

Potential tenants will notice the floors almost instantly upon entering your rental. For hard floors, make sure to dust, vacuum, and/or mop before each showing. If any tiles or pieces are broken, consider repairing them before inviting potential renters into your home. 

Lastly, if you have hardwood floors, refinishing them will be a huge attractant for renters. If you must have carpet, however, choose a quality Berber as this type of carpeting can withstand excessive wear and tear. 

5. Use Light To Your Advantage

Regardless of the time of day you show your rental, be sure to turn every light in the house on, including the outside ones, to make the home seem warm and inviting. If you’re showing the home during the day, open every window to allow natural lighting to flood the space, as natural lighting makes rooms appear brighter and bigger. 

If you are showing your rental at night, be sure to turn all the outside lights on as it will help the applicant find the property and it will make it more inviting.