Things You Should Know When Considering Used Appliances

1. Used Major Appliances Are Often Still In Great Condition

Major appliances like refrigerators, freezers, and stoves can last up to 20 years, making them a great option for buying used. What’s more, people often replace their major appliances way before they stop working. This means, if you purchase a major appliance used, you’ll likely get several years out of it without paying the high price of a brand new one. 

2. Floor Models Are Usually Discounted

Although technically not used, floor models usually come with steeply discounted prices. In fact, many appliance stores have a “Scratch and Dent” section that features floor models that have been gently used by customers. In some cases, these floor models have minor flaws that force retailers to lower their prices by sometimes hundreds of dollars, so they sell. 

The only downside to buying a floor model is that it probably won’t come with a full warranty. You’ll likely get what’s left on the original warranty (if anything), but even this is better than what you get when you buy from a private party. 

3. Due Diligence Is Important

Since the Internet is readily available to nearly everyone these days, there’s no excuse for buying a new or used appliance that performs poorly. If you find a good deal on a used appliance, be sure you turn to the Internet to learn all that you can about it before purchasing. Just because it’s used doesn’t mean you have to settle for poor performance. 

4. Buy Popular Used Appliances

Popular appliances are common appliances, and common appliances usually have easy-to-find, affordable replacement parts when or if the time comes. 

5. Be Careful

You can do your part to find quality used appliances by doing your homework, but you still have to be careful who you buy from. Not everyone is going to be honest, so you have to do your best to choose a seller that seems up-front about the appliance he is selling. 

Your best bet is to start with your friends to see if they have or know anyone who has the appliance you need and is willing to offload it for cheap. If not, try Craigslist or other secondhand sites to find the used appliance you need. 

When an appliance in your home quits working, you have two options: buy new or buy used. If the thought of spending a small fortune sends you into a panic, consider buying used. There are many resources out there to find quality used appliances, and they are outlined above.