4 Fresh Ideas To Upgrade Your Backyard

Whether you’re wanting to give your backyard a little makeover for a private oasis or looking to create an outdoor entertainment space, the ideas below can help you create the kind of outdoor living space you’ve always wanted. 

1. Erect Some Walls

Most homeowners turn to fencing of one sort or another to define spaces and boundaries in their yards. You can create interest and intrigue – not to mention privacy and security – by erecting walls to define spaces in your yard instead. 

Modular walls are great because they’re easy to build and they provide the perfect backdrop for creating specific spaces like outdoor kitchens and shower areas. Not only do these walls look great, but they provide privacy (keeping your nosey neighbors to themselves) and they block the wind, which can put a damper on outdoor festivities on windy days. 

2. Don’t Forget the Lighting

Many homeowners forget how important lighting can be, especially when creating outdoor living spaces. Lighting is important because it not only allows you to extend your enjoyment well past dark, but it also lends to the ambiance of the space. 

Some of the best lighting ideas for outdoor spaces include:

  • Strategically placed spotlights to highlight kids’ areas 
  • Accent lighting to showcase special features in the yard
  • Lighting that allows you to see the entire backyard, not just near the house. If you have a lovely flower garden in the back, this is a great way to showcase it after dark. 
  • Pathway lighting to guide guests so there’s no stumbling or tripping in the dark

3. Outdoor Furniture

The furniture in your outdoor space can really make or break the enjoyment of the space. If you already have furniture, consider upgrading it if it’s shabby or uncomfortable. Add colorful pillows and a rug to further create a warm and cozy space. 

4. Style, Style, Style

Your backyard living space can be everything you want it to be just by paying attention to the style and décor of its contents. The furnishings and accents play a big role in how the space feels, so don’t skimp on décor. If your outdoor table has seen better days, consider covering it with a pretty tablecloth and adding a runner to jazz it up on the cheap. Style with color and patterns to create a fun and inviting space, and don’t forget to add some greenery. 

Even though you’re already outdoors and there’s probably plenty of greenery around, you can never go wrong with a well-placed potted plant or two in your outdoor living space. Make sure the pots your plants reside in are just as fabulous as the plants themselves as there’s nothing worse than a great plant in a shabby pot. 

Regardless of what you want your backyard living space to be, the ideas above are great inspiration for creating exactly what you want.