Ways To Use Engineered Wood Flooring In Your Home

Woodcut engineered timber flooring is a popular choice in homes these days. It’s durable and beautiful, lending a cozy, dramatic touch to a wide array of décor styles. If you’re looking to use hardwood flooring in your home, check out these special ways it can be used to up your floorboard game. 

In The Entryway

Running floorboards throughout your home is one thing, adding them in your entryway – only in a diagonal direction to the rest – is another. This alignment of flooring, done in the same color, gives a chevron effect that greets guests with a dramatic flair as they enter your home. 

For an added touch, add brass-colored strips anywhere the hardwood meets tile, as it’s these little touches that make all the difference. 

Love The Look Of Herringbone?

If you love the look of herringbone, why not give it center stage in your home with full-size woodcut planks throughout the house. It’s the herringbone look on steroids, and with a little brass beading in the seams, the look is finished and stunning. 

Make A Special Space Even More Special

Since herringbone is so expensive and more difficult to lay, it’s best to reserve it for special spaces in your home. An office you use every day, a large wardrobe or closet area – these call for something special. 

Use smaller woodcut chevron parquetry boards in smaller herringbone-worthy spaces. 

The flooring is a major decision as it covers a big area of the home. It’s best to choose your flooring first and build the rest of the room’s (or home’s) décor around it. Hopefully, these wood flooring ideas give you inspiration for your next flooring project.