4 steps to creating a comfortable guest room in your home

Many people have an extra room in their homes, but that doesn’t always mean that room is suitable for overnight stays. Whether it’s a catch-all for your wayward possessions or it simply doesn’t scream, “Yes! Come to stay with us,” it’s easy to create a space your overnight guests will enjoy. 

Follow the tips below to make your spare room a comfortable place for your friends and family to stay. 

Give Your Guests An Actual Bed

Many people make the mistake of thinking it’s okay for guests to sleep on a blow-up mattress or a pull-out couch. If you’ve never slept on one, you can’t possibly know how uncomfortable both options are. 

To really make your guests feel at home, give them an actual bed to sleep on. One of the most popular guest room mattress options right now is the bed in a box. Of course, you’ll want to have some sort of base to put it on rather than placing it on the floor. 

Use Nice Linens And Blankets

Since you have a nice bed for your guests to sleep on, it would be a shame to put old, mismatched, scratchy sheets on it. Invest in linens specifically for the guest room, and don’t forget warm blankets and a bedspread to match. 

Put Some Thought Into The Décor 

As with any other room in your home, put some thought into the décor for your guest room. Your friends and family who stay will appreciate the warm, inviting atmosphere of the room and will feel more at home. Use neutral colors for an airy, crisp feel and add touches like mirrors, bedside lamps, artwork, and other small decorative pieces to give the room character. 

Provide The Time

Although not a necessity as many people usually carry a smartphone, providing a clock radio beside the bed is a nice touch. Be sure it clearly displays the time so that your guests can see it at night, and make sure it’s easy to operate if they choose to use it as an alarm clock. 

Give Your Guests Storage Space

No one likes to feel like they are living out of suitcases, so give your guests some space to unpack. An empty dresser for folded clothes or space in a closet to hang their clothes is ideal, especially if your guests are going to be staying more than one night. 

When it comes to the spare room in your home, it’s easy to create a comfortable guest room that your friends and family will love to stay in. Whether you have overnight guests often or just once in a while, having a suitable place for them to stay will help them feel welcome and at home.