Fresh Scents that Make Buyers Feel at Home

The sense of smell is very powerful in swaying home buyers one way or the other. Thus, it’s important when selling your home that you get rid of any offending smells first before attempting to add scents that others may enjoy. 

Bad smells to get rid of include cooked food, mold/mildew odors, pet odors, and smoke, to name a few. Even dusty air vents can cause a stank face or two during your showing. 

If you’re selling your home, you have to be honest with yourself about the smells fermenting inside your house. Once you’ve dealt with their causes, you can concentrate on making the house smell clean and fresh during the open house. 

Clean vs. Deodorized

Everyone’s sense of smell is different. What smells good to one person can smell rancid to the next. There’s a difference between a clean smell and a deodorized smell, and you must understand that difference. 

For example, lighting scented candles, plugging in scented air fresheners, or baking homemade cookies might smell good to you, but to others who enter your home, the scents may be overpowering or downright nasty. On the other hand, if you’ve cleaned your house from top to bottom, the resulting fragrance will be clean and fresh without the aid of synthetic scents. 

Clean Scents that Buyers Respond Positively To

Once you’ve cleaned your house completely, it’s wise to use one of the following scents throughout the entire house. Avoid using multiple scents as this can distract buyers and cause them to have trouble making a decision. 

1. Citrus Fruits

Orange and lemon fragrances are clean-smelling, and their natural scents last a long time. 

2. Herbs

Scented herbs such as rosemary, basil, and thyme have a refreshing smell, especially when used in the kitchen. They instill a welcoming feeling in homebuyers. 

3. Vanilla

Vanilla is one of those scents that makes a home feel cozy. Vanilla extract or vanilla beans work great for creating a housewarming effect. 

4. Cedar and Pine

If you’re showing your house during the winter months or the holidays, try combining cedar and pine scents for a complex, yet inviting, fragrance throughout your house. 

Ways to Make Your Home Fragrant

You have several options when it comes to making your home smell great during an open house. While candles are the go-to option, you have to be aware of the fire hazard they pose, especially if they aren’t monitored constantly. 

Other options for spreading scents throughout your home include:

  • Reed diffusers
  • Simmer pots
  • Deodorizing disks
  • Potpourri
  • Oil plug-ins

Regardless of the scent you choose for your home when selling it, be sure to remove the source of any bad odors first. If you can’t detect any bad smells, be sure to get someone who doesn’t live there to take a whiff, too, as it’s likely you’ve gotten used to the smell and don’t even notice it anymore.