Selling Your Home “As Is” Why It Might be Right for You

Selling a house “as is” means the homeowner doesn’t make any of the necessary repairs it needs or any upgrades that will ensure it sells for top dollar. When a homeowner sells their home “as is,” they usually set a lower asking price than they would have had they made the repairs and upgrades before listing the home. 

You may be wondering why anyone would want to sell their home this way. Correcting the home’s issues and modernizing the property would increase the home’s value, bringing top dollar when it sells, so why not do it? 

There are several good reasons for selling a home “as is,” and we discuss them below. 

1. You Can’t Afford to Make the Repairs and/or Upgrades

This is probably the main reason homeowners choose to sell their homes “as is.” Sometimes, a homeowner may want to sell their home but be unable to afford to make the repairs and/or upgrades it’ll take to garner top dollar when it sells. In some cases, the homeowner simply wants to avoid spending money or time on making the repairs, so selling the property “as is” is just easier. 

2. You Inherited a Home Through Death or Divorce

Another common reason someone might sell a home in its current condition is when they inherit a home they don’t need or don’t want through the death of a loved one or in a divorce. Selling a home this way is especially helpful if you and your siblings live too far away or are too busy to make the improvements before selling the home. This way, you can simply split the profits amongst yourselves once the house sells. 

If you win a home in a divorce, but find out you can’t afford it on your own, selling it “as is” can help you unload the baggage of your past life quickly so you can move on. 

3. You Want to Attract Cash Buyers

Real estate investors are always looking for distressed properties to buy on the cheap to fix up and sell for profit. They often pay cash, which usually expedites the purchasing process to the benefit of the seller. The only problem with selling your home to a cash buyer is that you can’t expect them to come anywhere close to paying market value for your property. 

4. You Want to Sell Now

Making repairs and upgrades to a home takes time. Sometimes, homeowners may not have the time or may not want to spend the time it takes to fix every little thing or remodel before selling their home. In this case, selling the home “as is” makes more sense. Selling a home in its current condition for a lower asking price will also save time as it will likely attract cash buyers quickly. 

While most homeowners are happy to make repairs and upgrades to get top dollar for their homes when they sell, sometimes special circumstances call for selling a home “as is.” If you’re hoping to sell your home fast or you can’t afford to make the necessary repairs that will up its value before selling, selling your home “as is” may be the right option for you.