4 Costly Mistakes to Watch Out For When Remodelling Your Home

1. Not Conveying a Clear Plan for What You Want

It won’t matter that you’ve hired the best contractor in the country if you don’t convey a clear idea of what you want. The contractor can’t read your mind, and if you leave it up to him, you may end up with something you don’t like. 

Be sure you tell your contractor specifically what you want, and double check that he’s on the same page before any renovations begin. 

2. Hiring the First Contractor You Find

Just because the guy is nice and seems to know what he’s talking about doesn’t mean he’s the right contractor for the job. Have you checked him out? Is he licensed and insured? What do his past clients have to say? 

Making home renovations is expensive, so it really makes no sense to hire the first contractor you find without doing some homework first. The Internet makes it super-easy to find testimonials and check references of almost anyone, so do your due diligence to be sure you hire a contractor that’s not only affordable but does quality work, too. 

3. Not Getting Everything in Writing

While it would be nice to be able to take everyone at their word, it’s very easy for things to go awry and that word means nothing. To avoid this costly mistake, be sure you get every detail of your remodeling project in writing. From the start date to the end date, the brand of materials, and even a timeline for fixing defects, make sure to include everything in the contract to protect all the parties involved and move things along at an acceptable pace. 

4. Not Agreeing on a Payment Plan

A payment plan for paying your contractor is as important as the amount you pay him, so be sure you both agree on the terms. The average payment plan consists of an upfront payment (usually no more than 30 percent), periodic payments throughout the project (these depend on the work being done at the time), and a final payment when the project is complete (about 10 percent is a good incentive). Never turn over payment of any kind if you are unsatisfied with any work that your contractor is doing or has completed. Discuss your concerns and work out a plan to remedy the issues per your contract. 

A home remodeling project is exciting, but there are a lot of things that can go wrong if you aren’t careful. Keep the above things in mind to avoid making costly mistakes with your next home remodel project.