4 Gardening Trends To Try

Many new and seasoned growers took to their yards for stress relief, exercise, and enjoyment, with gardening becoming more popular than ever. 

It’s clear that many of these new gardening enthusiasts will continue their new hobby, with many wanting bolder, more exciting plant varieties like tropicals. Of course, the gardens that were started last year will be well-maintained and continue to bring happiness to all who see and tend their plants. 

So, what’s hot in the world of gardening for this spring? Let’s take a look. 

 1. Large and In-Charge Food Gardens

Supplies became scarce for a while and people got worried, so they started growing what they could to be less dependent on society for food. 

Things have calmed down and food is readily available again. This doesn’t mean people have stopped growing edible gardens, though. Today’s edible gardener isn’t growing food just for himself, however. The activity has become partly about helping others as well. Many people who grow their own food have begun donating their extras to local food pantries, too.

2. Outdoor Living Spaces

By bringing your indoor elements out into the unpredictable beauty of nature, you combine the best of both worlds to create a calming, relaxing, and enjoyable space that isn’t confined by the same boring walls. 

If you’re looking to bring your indoor living spaces outside, consider using privacy screening or hedge walls to keep nosy neighbors at bay. Include comfy furniture, plenty of shade in the summer, and a firepit in the winter. Also, consider installing a home theater for outdoor movie watching, too. 

3. Bold, Bright Tropicals

This is the year of the tropical plant. Look for plants like elephant ears, banana plants, and bromeliads to bring in large foliage and bright, bold colors to your garden. 

If your location isn’t conducive to growing tropical plants, don’t fret. You can grow them indoors or out, and they make wonderful container plants that can be taken inside when temperatures get cool. 

4. Unusual House Plants

So, outside gardening isn’t your thing? That’s great because you don’t have to garden outside to have a green thumb. Indoor gardening can be just as exciting, and this year’s indoor garden demands the adventurous and unusual. 

Indoor plants are always on trend and there might be no difference. What is different this year, though, is the type of houseplant that people are looking for. Easy-care options like the philodendron, anthurium, and aglaonema will be especially popular as people look to make their living spaces more functional and livable.