3 Simple Tips to Help You Choose a Paint Color

If you’re painting a room or two in your home, you may have noticed the hundreds of paint samples to choose from at the paint store. While they are pretty to look at, when it comes down to choosing the right color for your project, the choices might seem overwhelming. 

If you’re having trouble choosing the perfect shade for your painting project, take a moment to read the helpful tips below. These three simple tips may just be what help you make a decision.

1. Paint Your Rooms in Colors You Like Wearing

If you take a look in your closet, you’ll discover a pattern to the madness. Most people tend to buy clothing in their favorite colors, which means if a lot of the clothing you wear is blue, you should paint your home with varying shades of blue, too. 

This isn’t to say that the only color you should choose is blue, but if you enjoy the color enough to wear it often, you’ll enjoy looking at it on the walls of your home, too. 

2. Choose Colors from Patterns in the Room

Another great rule of thumb is that you should choose a color scheme from a large, patterned surface in the room and go with those for the walls. So, if you have a sofa or favorite piece of artwork, take color cues from that to create a cohesive look throughout the space. 

You don’t have anything in the room with a big pattern on it? Head to your local fabric store and take colors from something that catches your eye. 

3. Choose 5 Paint Colors

When painting the interior of your home, you should aim to choose five different colors. The first is white. White goes with everything, so it works well on trim and door/window frames. 

The second is a neutral color. Neutrals go well with just about everything, too, you just need to determine if your color palette is warm or cool and make sure you get neutrals that work with the palette you choose. 

And finally, choose three colors you genuinely love. They can be contrasting but complementary or they can be varying shades of the same color. Use these colors throughout your home to tie the color scheme together. 

The next time you plan a painting project in your home, don’t fret over the hundreds of color choices you have at the paint store. Follow these three simple tips to choose the perfect colors easily.