3 Important Tips to Help You Choose Pet-Friendly Furniture

More households contain pets than do not, and for many homeowners, it’s important to make the home a pet-friendly place. This includes purchasing furniture that not only suits their style and needs, but also those of their furry family members. Here are three important tips to help you choose pet-safe furniture for your home.

1. Think About the Fabric First

Let’s face it, no matter how clean you think your pet is, or how adamant you are about keeping him off the couch, there’s a good chance he will eventually leave hair behind or cause stains on your furniture. To handle the kind of stress a pet can place on furniture, it’s best to choose fabrics that can stand the test of time.

For example, today’s furniture fabrics are highly stain and hair resistant. Microfiber and suede are good choices as they deter stains better and are much easier to clean. Dog and cat hair simply vacuum away as if it were never there. Another alternative to these fabrics is leather. While susceptible to scratches and holes caused by long toenails, this fabric withstands most stains with ease.

2. Consider Wood Furniture

Wood furniture offers a wide range of styles to fit nearly any décor, and it also provides the stain and hair resistance pet owners crave. Wood furniture is very durable and will last for years. It is easy to clean – all you need is a dust cloth and some dusting spray to keep it looking great. Another benefit of wood furniture for pet-friendly households is the more rustic the piece, the better it hides scratches and/or tooth impressions often left behind by frisky pets.

3. Think Seriously About the Colors You Choose

While it’s tempting to choose furnishing colors that coordinate solely with your home’s décor, it’s a good idea to choose colors with your pet in mind, too. For instance, if you have a black dog, you may want to choose darker colored furniture to help hide the hair he is sure to leave behind. Choosing light-colored furniture in this instance can eventually drive you insane as you will feel the need to constantly vacuum your furniture.

Choosing a furniture color to match your pet may sound a bit drastic, but it can save you a lot of headache over time.

If you’re a homeowner who’s also a pet-lover, you’ll want to take special consideration when buying new furniture for your home. Not only will you want to choose pieces that are easy to clean, but you’ll also want to find colors that help hide your precious pet’s sticky fur. Hopefully, the tips above help guide you to the perfect furniture for your pet-friendly home.