Why People Move – What Motivates Such A Change?

These days has forced us to take a closer look at what homeownership means, and as a result, many people have discovered that it means something different than they originally thought. 

These days, people are moving for several reasons. Some have experienced a shift in employment (job loss or transition to a work-from-home role), while others simply want to be closer to family.

Giving people a new perspective on homeownership, here are three reasons people are moving right now. 

1. Remote Work

The pandemic changed the way many people work, causing remote work to soar. This trend in work-from-home positions is lasting longer than many originally thought, and many people are taking advantage of being untethered from a physical office. 

Since work from home positions can be done from anywhere, homeowners have begun moving further away from their jobs in search of a more peaceful existence and homes better suited for a home office setup. 

2. A Healthier Lifestyle

As a result, people began working out at home. Sales for home fitness equipment increased and so did the need for extra space within the home to house it. 

Staying fit and healthy during the pandemic became a priority, with many homeowners looking for bigger homes to accommodate home gyms, yoga studios, and the like to keep physically and mentally fit. 

3. Outdoor Living Space

As the pandemic raged on, people began looking for ways to “get out” while remaining at home. This prompted the need for more outdoor space to cook, entertain, relax, garden, and more. Many people realized their current homes didn’t include enough outdoor space to accommodate these activities, and thus, they began looking to move. 

If you’re thinking your current home isn’t up to accommodate your changing needs, you may want to consider moving, too.