How to Create an Inspiring Library in Your Home

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Go Bold

If an old, stuffy library décor doesn’t sound like something you’d particularly enjoy, consider going bold instead. Paint the bookcases in your library a bold color like black (opt for a lacquered finish to really make a statement) and accent the shelves with metallic pieces for a dramatic effect. The boldness of the room will make you want to spend every waking moment there.

2. Give Existing Bookcases a Facelift

If you already have bookcases in your library, consider giving them a facelift rather than replacing them. Take out a few or all of the shelves and build a custom insert to liven up the space. If you aren’t the DIY type, hire a cabinet maker to build the insert for you. Once complete, apply a fresh coat of paint in your favorite bold color to bring a new, exciting look to an old library bookcase.

3. Turn Any Space into Your Library

Do you have a spare bedroom that isn’t used for anything? What about your basement? Does it simply collect things you don’t use? Why not turn one of these spaces into a library you can’t wait to spend time in?

Start by getting your cabinet maker to create a bookcase that fits the room and your personality to a T. Think about shelving that’s unique and colors that make you feel good. As you’re decorating the space, don’t forget to add personal touches like knick-knacks and the like to make the room your own.

Just because it’s easy to read books on digital devices doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a library to read and work in at home. Use the tips above to create an inspiring, relaxing home library in any room.