Houseplants that Survive Despite a Lack of a Green Thumb

Houseplants are great additions in any home as they add a touch of nature to your space and make you feel better both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, not everyone has a green thumb, which means many homes go without the lovely greenery because it eventually withers and dies from lack of care. 

The good news is if you’d like to have a houseplant or two to brighten and freshen your home, go ahead. Even if you’ve become known as the family plant killer, the plants listed below will continue to live and grow even if you fail to care for them regularly. 

1. Chinese Evergreen

Whether you’re a novice or someone with an established green thumb, the Chinese evergreen is a great plant to have because it likes low light and low water growing conditions. 

2. African Violet

If flowers are more your style, the African violet makes a great houseplant. Although it prefers bright sunlight, it doesn’t require much in the way of water as long as the soil stays moist. 

3. Spider Plant

Spider plants are very resilient, requiring indirect sunlight and a little water now and again. If you were in an elementary classroom back in the ’80s, you likely saw one of these plants there. They had “babies” that the teacher would cut off and give to the students to take home. 

4. Aloe Plants

Aloe plants are the camels of the plant world. These plants are very succulent, and they require very little water to survive. The trick to keeping these beauties thriving is not to overwater them. 

5. Ponytail Palm

The ponytail palm is awesome in that it looks beautiful but requires little in the way of care. With lovely long fronds growing from a solid trunk, this plant loves being in front of a window for light. 

6. Pancake Plant

Also known as the Chinese Money Plant, the pancake plant may be somewhat hard to find. If you have a friend that already has one, you might want to take a cutting if you want one of your own. These plants like indirect light and require minimal care. 

7. Philodendron

Keep an eye on this plant’s leaves for a clue in watering it. If the leaves are yellow, you’re watering too much. If its leaves are brown, it needs more. 

8. Yucca

If you’re the type of person that can’t remember to water plants, the yucca plant is a great choice. This plant can survive for a long time without water and doesn’t care too much about what kind of soil it is planted in. There are several varieties of yucca, so feel free to get one for every room!

Plants make great gifts, so if you know a friend whose home could use one, go for it. If your home needs some greenery, too, be sure to choose a plant from the list above if you’re the type that forgets to water your plants.